Welcome to Yoga by the Sound

Yoga by the Sound is based on Kripalu style yoga which blends mindfulness movement and breath awareness. It is a meditative style of yoga which incorporates a gentle expression of traditional postures with particular emphasis on the breath. Kripalu yoga encourages slow movement with awareness and a conscious integration of mind and body. Kripalu style yoga supports inner awareness of sensations, emotions and thoughts.

Kripalu yoga is a form of meditation in motion.

Yoga by the Sound offers a unique approach to slowly transforming the physical and emotional experience. It encompasses different aspects of yoga but the main focus is on the breath as the powerful life force in the body and mind. Yoga by the Sound encourages the breath awareness which can allow for the flow of energy and relaxation at the same time as the optimum way of being in yoga, in the body and in the world.

Yoga by the Sound classes begin with a mindful and centering meditation which encourages focus on the present while using the breath, and the letting go of the usual distractions of the mind. The class then moves into warming up the body for the postures which are explained verbally and visually. Following the flow of postures, a cool down and final guided relaxation, using the breath and focus to facilitate a peaceful state, completes the session.

All levels of yoga practitioners and beginners are welcome to participate in this gentle version of yoga.